The 5th Malaysian International Seminar on Antarctica (MISA5) will be held from 14 – 15 June 2011 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This time the MISA is held in conjunction with the 22nd Pacific Science Congress ‘Asia Pacific Science in the 21st Century: Meeting the Challenges of Global Change’. It is expected to attract more than 500 local and international participants from various field of research.

MISA is a biennial event which gathers researchers from countries that are actively involved in research in the Antarctica and Arctic to present their research findings. The theme of MISA5 ‘Rapid Warming in the Polar Regions and Its Implication to the Pacific’ is in line with the rational of the climate change in the poles also affected the climate of the world including countries in the Pacific Rim. Hence, it is important for us to understand these processes in order to come up with strategies to face the challenges related to climate change now and in the future. The multi disciplinary research conducted in Antarctic and Arctic over the years has increased our understanding on several key areas with the greatest impact on mankind, from environmental research, biological science exploration and geophysical survey.

The programmes scheduled for the MISA5 includes oral and poster presentations on policy, heritage and legacy, biological and physical sciences. MISA5 also provides the platform for scientists from various countries to strengthen existing and to forge new collaborations. Several prominent plenary and keynote speakers will be invited to talk about the current and future directions of polar research.

The 22nd Pacific Science Congress(PSC-22) will be held concurrently with MISA5 from 14-18 June 2011 at the same venue. This congress provides an interdisciplinary platform for scientists to assess and prioritize issues requiring scientific research; brings together scientists from more remote states; and catalyzes international and cross-disciplinary collaboration and to establish new research initiatives. This 22nd  Pacific Science Congress(PSC-22) focuses on the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean and the islands of the Pacific Basin.

Scientific Programme

The seminar includes topic that will deliberate on the following issue:

1. Physical Sciences
2. Biological Sciences
3. Policy, Heritage and Legacy
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